Personal Wellness Program

Imagine feeling confident in your own body; you feel vibrant, energetic, and fully at home in your own skin.
Can you even imagine what that feels like?
Now, imagine feeling confident about the health choices you make?
Does this sound like your life? Or … does it sound like a fantasy?
For way too many of us, that sounds like the stuff of pure fiction. I know, because I used to be one of those people who thought it was. But the thing is, this is not a fantasy. This is a story that is entirely achievable. In fact, I created the Writing a Better Wellness Story Program with the intent purpose of helping you make that a reality.
You see, the truth is, we are all filled with the incredible capacity to create by using our own creative power.
We have the ability to help author our own lives with the choices we make.
Our problem is not that we do not have power. So what is the problem? The first problem is, we doubt our own power. I mean after all, how many times have we tried to change, and despite our best intentions, those attempts have resulted only in painful, disappointing, face-planting failures? And the second problem? The second problem is, we are confused and/or overwhelmed.
And that is exactly what I created this program for—I made this for you. To help the overwhelmed and undernourished abolish shame and cut out confusion about wellness.
But more than that, I created this program to help empower you to write your own vibrant wellness story, starting right now, today.
Are you ready to start a new chapter in your health journey?

Coaching Options

Do any of these sound familiar?

Are you tired of:

  • cravings that dominate your every waking moment?
  • alternating between feeling stressed about what you should eat, versus feeling guilty about what you already ate?
  • worrying about what nutrition dogma is right, and beginning to believe there probably isn’t any hope for sustainable change?
  • second guessing your food choices, and always feeling like some committee is watching what you eat, and silently judging you all the time?
  • constant riding a rollercoaster of emotions and moods?
  • always feeling fatigued, no matter how much you rest?
  • gaining weight, even if you so much as think about food?
  • Struggling with brain fog, and constantly feeling as though someone put a muffler on your thoughts?
  • feeling guilty, as though everything wrong with you must be because you are a bad person, who makes bad health choices?
  • being frustrated, know that despite having multiple successful corners of your life, your health is still struggling?

If any (or all) of these sound familiar, you are far from alone. So many people are struggling with these very things, and there is hope. I promise, there is another way to live.

In fact, not only are these things familiar, they’re personal. I started in my own health journey because these things were true for me.

But the truth is when our bodies have what they need, they are capable of incredible amounts of healing, and incredible vitality.

Learning this truth is empowering! We can help program our body.

Of course, the trick is, we have to know how to understand what our body is asking for.

And that’s where working with a nutritionist becomes helpful; it replaces the guesswork with a personal expert. It’s like having your very own wellness private investigator– so you can find out what works best for your body, and you can finally write your very own better wellness story.

This is for you if you are ready to...

  • Feel more vibrant, energetic, and at home in your body
  • Be educated and confident about your nutrition choices
  • Abandon your confusion surrounding wellness
  • Individualize nutrition advice, because you know that individual humans cannot expect to thrive by continuing to do what everyone else is doing
  • Stop living your life controlled by the latest nutrition dogma
  • Make cravings and deprivation a long ago distant memory
  • Catch, halt, and reverse the slide towards chronic disease
  • Balance hormones and stabilize moods
  • Nourish, and program, your body, starting on the cellular level
  • Write your own vibrant wellness story today!

This Coaching Program is NOT for those who...

  • Have “but-face.” You know, that’s the face you make right before you add “but” to the end of your sentence. As in, “Sure, I want this …but…” and then you make an excuse for why you don’t really want it
  • Are only interested in being skinny, and are willing and ready to sacrifice health and sanity, to reach that goal
  • Don’t want to take responsibility for their own creative power, but prefer to let circumstances (along with other people) write their wellness stories for them
  • Still want to figure it all out on their own, instead of asking for help
  • Aren’t ready to give up shame, but continue to believe the reason things aren’t working well is probably because they aren’t working hard enough, and they can bully their body into health, by cutting more calories and exercising harder

Are you ready to write

Your Wellness Story?

The path to owning your story, and restoring your creative power, is one of the most exciting journeys you will ever begin.

I realize choosing a nutritionist is a really big and important decision. This partnership can radically alter the next chapter in your life.

I also realize investing in yourself can be scary and intimidating, which is why I want to help you be as confident as humanly possible in this investment. That’s why I am offering the initial 45- min. consult for free.

I know from experience how difficult it is to imagine a different story than the one that seems to keep manifesting in your life.

But I also know this: there is a better way forward. I believe in your creative power, and I know that you were created to live a vibrant, confident, and healthy life.

I’m committed to being here to help you along every step of your journey; to help you cut out the confusion, and to help you change your life. I want you to live a fully nourished, vibrant life. And I want you to find the fullness of your own creative power, so that you can keep writing your best and healthiest life, starting today.

Are you ready for this new chapter? What are you waiting for? Let’s start writing!


But seriously, your first session is totally free. Let’s write your Wellness Story.


What can I expect during my Free Session?

During your initial free session, together we will consider your story, and wellness history. We’ll talk about what your biggest concerns are in regard to your health, and determine what your idea of health looks like. During that first session we will determine if you have underlying root issues in your body that can be addressed with coaching. And we will determine if you have craving patterns that are ruling your days, and/or wrecking your health.

After, we’ll have a clear picture of what we should do next, and we’ll start to develop a strategy for addressing your concerns, as well as steps you can take towards writing the kind of wellness story you want to live. If we want to move forward, I may recommend some additional testing to clarify concerns. And I’ll help you individualize and implement these steps in your life. Even if you decide that the coaching program is not right for you at this time, I’ll send you off with some steps to writing a better wellness story that you can begin today.

Do you take Insurance?

I do not accept insurance or Medicaid. There may be some insurance companies who provide reimbursements for certain medical testing or health services. You can receive a detailed receipt for services you receive through A Wellness Story.

How do we meet for consults?

Wellness consults and other communication will be carried out via phone, video communication software (such as Zoom), e-mail, and chat.

What Countries do you work with?

Presently, I provide services only to those located in the United States and Canada.

Do I have to buy the supplements you recommend?

I will recommend brands and doses of specific supplements based on my research. You can choose to buy a different brand from an alternative source, however in doing so you forfeit my knowledge of the supplement quality. I have researched the supplements I recommend, and I will try my hardest to find you the most economical option, with the highest level of efficacy, based on my research.

Will I have to do laboratory testing?

All testing is an opt in recommendation. The reason I recommend testing for many cases, however, is simple. It is so much easier to test than it is to guess. While there are general health recommendations that everyone can benefit from, it is easier to specify and individualize recommendations if we have more data about what is going on inside of you. Testing gives us the inside scoop, and means we can tailor your program to a finer degree than we can if we are simply estimating. Testing is also only available to those living in certain places. For instances, in the states there are currently restrictions on those living in New York, Maryland, and Rhode Island. 

Regarding laboratory testing, will I need to have my blood drawn?

Generally, no. There are three primary lab companies I recommend. With DUTCH Test samples are primarily collected in either dried urine or saliva. Everlywell offers some at home test which involve a small blood sample, collected from a finger prick.

Do you have Payment Plans or Refunds:

  • Working with a nutritionist and wellness consultant is an investment. I offer my 3-month coaching program with the option of a monthly payment, but I do ask for a commitment in purchasing this program. The 60-min. session is a one time fee.
  • I do not offer refunds. Coaching requires a commitment from both of us, and going in 100% is the best way to mentally set yourself up for that commitment.


What is your Professional Training?

I was fortunate enough to complete my graduate studies at the University of Western states, where I received a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

What is your scope of practice?

I am a nutritionist and wellness consultant.

I am not a licensed dietician or medical doctor. While I have a Master’s degree in nutrition, A Wellness Story is here to empower people with nutrition education, in order to help you make informed, science based, decisions about food and wellness.

I provide nutrition coaching and wellness consulting, and I am happy to work with known health concerns, in order to help guide you to choices that will support your health. I do not treat medical conditions. You should work with your primary care physician for specific treatments pertaining to a diagnosed disease, or serious concerns you have about your health.

What is your Cancelation or Late Policy?

I understand there are times when appointments must be missed due to emergencies or obligations. My time is very valuable to me, as I know yours is to you, so I ask you please honor that by providing 24 hour notice if you will be unable to make your appointment. I will only be able to offer a full refund for cancellations made 24 hours prior to your appointment time.